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Bargain Basement Mata Hari

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11th June 2010

4:14am: I think I'm going to try and get my next tattoo in November. Scouring Flickr for the perfect starling photo. I love you so much, little pest birds. 

18th February 2010

9:29pm:  Tavi is here! Hooray hooray! We hung out in Northampton for a bit and now we are going to watch Top Gear. :x)
Current Mood: happy

23rd January 2010

2:43pm: Just made a donation over at Helping Haiti Heal, the HP Alliance's charity podcast. Check it out! They have a lot of great stuff and it's just a really cool concept.

(I know virtue is its own reward, but I really hope I win something!)
Current Mood: hopeful

15th January 2010

2:30pm: Productivity
1. Three is enough shrinks to call in one day. Maybe someday I will actually get to talk to one of them instead of leaving messages.
2. I did successfully make an appointment with an eye doctor, though. New glasses and better vision, here I come.
3. I paid some (way overdue) bills.
4. I put a bunch of laundry away and put a bunch of clothes in a bag for the Salvation Army.
5. I am about to clean the mouse tank.

Just a reminder to myself that I am getting things done, even though it feels like I'm floundering.
Current Mood: productive-ish

10th January 2010

9:48pm: Hanging out in Jeremy's room today...Kaylee came in and started making "hork, hork" noises. I jumped up to shoo her out into the hallway (linoleum being easier to clean than carpet) and as she turned to go she vomited all over the laundry. I'd be more furious if it hadn't been such a fucking hilarious sight gag. And the carpet still got hit!

I love her, but she is a vomit and cat pee factory.

1st January 2010

1:36pm: Happy New Year! Last night I went here with fox_prince  and voivod  and took some pictures. It's nice to feel creative again.
Current Mood: cold

19th December 2009

6:29am: I can't believe I'm working Christmas Eve! Mostly I can't believe I volunteered...
Current Mood: weird

13th December 2009

5:57am: Banjos are really expensive. :x/
Current Mood: sad

28th November 2009

11:11pm: voivod told me the other day:

"You don't have any skeletons in your closet. You've thrown them all onto the front lawn."

I'm not sure how I feel about this other than, you know, it's pretty accurate.
Current Mood: weird

17th November 2009

12:06am: i hope nobody steals it!
I bought a new crinoline at Roz's Place today. Unlike my last crinoline, this one wasn't sealed in a package, so it smells...like Roz's Place. Since "musty and terrible" is not really the scent I want clinging to me when I go dancing tomorrow, I'm letting it air out. In the yard. Right now it looks like Apartment 8 is either surrendering or hosting a really weird party.
Current Mood: hopeful

15th November 2009

7:48pm: You might ask: Alyssa, what is the saddest thing you have seen today? I will tell you. It is this page of Beasts of Burden right here, in which the stray cat explains that sometimes you just don't give a shit about the oncoming cars.
Current Mood: depressed

9th November 2009

3:09pm: No class on Wednesday! I'm going to Haven.
Current Mood: excited
10:28am: Hooray! I'm sick.

This message brought to you by the letter Phlegm and the number Sinuses You Have Betrayed Me Again.
Current Mood: sick

12th October 2009

1:58pm: Happy (late) Coming Out Day! I'm kinky, poly, and while I prefer boys, I appreciate and enjoy people from all over the gender spectrum. But I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this knew all that already.

9th October 2009

6:28pm: It's kind of sad how blown away I am by my new work shoes. They're exactly the same as my old shoes, except this one had a live raccoon inside! they aren't beat all to hell.

10th July 2009

3:38pm: Hooray! LaDonna said I could bring my boxes of books to the office and just let people pick through them. (One box at a time, of course.) I brought the first load over earlier today and I guess some of the books are already gone!
Current Mood: relieved

4th July 2009

5:19pm: Happy one-year-versary Ray and Tavi!

18th June 2009

4:05pm: Does anyone know if there's a charitable organization around here that takes used textbooks? They're pretty old at this point, so selling them back to the textbook annex is obviously not an option. I'm definitely not keeping them, but throwing them away feels like such a waste.

3rd June 2009

5:15pm: Ugh, Benadryl and work do not mix. My whole shift was a blur. A really boring, unprofitable blur.
Current Mood: blah

26th May 2009

1:08am: Saw Star Trek for a second time! And it was still good. I think my attention span could hold up to a third viewing even, if Allyson and Marie are still down. But I finally realized why Nero's voice bugs me - he sounds like Stanley Spadowski! Crazy.
Current Mood: nerdy

17th May 2009

4:22pm: Even though the Diner is not as awesome as Kingdom Come (nsfw!), when I work the overnights I basically channel Reagan Mancuso in the event that I need to kick ass and chew bubblegum and oh no I am all out of bubblegum. I urge all Diner peeps to read pages 315-310 (they go backwards, for some reason) for hilarity and an example of how to be mean and amazing.
Current Mood: amused

1st May 2009

8:57am: Fuck a Morris dancers.
Bunch of jangly dorks never even showed up, but I got to stay at the Diner until 7:30 anyway. Booo. I guess they never even called us this year, Chris was just predicting based on the last couple of May Days. Booo Chris. With any luck I'll get out of my evening shift early or just not have to work at all so I have some time to pack.

30th April 2009

12:28pm: Tonight I am working 6pm-4am, then taking a two hour break and coming back on from 6am-8am. Because we are getting some Morris dancers. ONE HUNDRED MORRIS DANCERS.  So everyone's schedules are a little weird, I guess they had to scramble to find good waitresses to deal with the influx. I know chameleon_luna  is staying late and a couple morning girls are coming in early. Morris dancers! Oh, Amherst.

So that's the beginning of my crazygonuts schedule this weekend (I'm working 9am-3pm Saturday - crazy!) but I can deal with it because it's only for a few days and hopefully I will make bank. Which would be helpful because drdevice  and I are leaving for Hawaii on Sunday!! :xD

Current Mood: determined

12th March 2009

1:38am: The Creeper didn't come in for a whole week, but he came in today, dammit. I gave him back his book, when he asked what I thought of it I told him I never got around to reading it. Then I went back to working/ignoring him. He looked so sad and I felt really guilty. But he makes me so uncomfortable! Whenever he's in the Diner I feel all nervous and sick to my stomach. So that's really not ok. Maybe if he comes back I'll say, "Look, if you ask about a girl's schedule she's going to get really creeped out" and then at least he'll know why I'm ignoring him. But mostly I just hope he doesn't come back.
Current Mood: stupidly guilty

2nd March 2009

11:00pm: Dear Creeper:

I never would have been so nice and chatty the first time I waited on you if I had known our common interest in mystery novels and Dr. Who would lead to you showing up EVERY GODDAMN DAY. And why do you keep asking about me when you come to the Diner and I am not there? You don't need to ask where I am, if I'm not at the Diner I'm not working and that's all you need to know! Stop asking the other waitresses when I work, you're really creeping them out! (And me also!) We are not friends! You are a customer and I'm nice to customers because it makes my work day more pleasant. Maybe someday we could have moved up to "friendly acquaintances" but you've ruined any chance of that by being a fucking creeper. It's at the point where I can't go a single shift without you coming in and telling me about some female friend who has totally misunderstood you and doesn't want to talk anymore. I know how they feel. You're sixty years old, why haven't you figured out yet how creepy you are? (And how to wash your hair!) 

No no no love,


The worst part - I'm a captive audience. He always knows where to find me and I can't leave! The best I can do is hide in the kitchen, but I still have to take care of my other tables and it plays hell with my nerves the whole time he's there.

Current Mood: aggravated
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